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Polar G1 GPS Sensor f. RS200, RS400, S625X , S725X *Nagel-NEU

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78315 Radolfzell (Bodensee)
Polar G1 GPS Sensor for the RS200,RS400, S625X , S725X
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Modell : G1
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EAN : 725882475608
Modell : 91033464

Inhalt : G1 sensor / tasche / Gurt / Anleitung


Polar G1 provides speed and distance data in all outdoor sports using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

The Polar G1 sensor determines your location by measuring continuously the distance between itself and at least four satellites. The sensor uses wireless transmission technology to transmit speed and distance data to a compatible Polar product which records and displays the data.

Polar G1 is resilient and water resistant - you can depend on its performance regardless where you train!
Technical Specifications
Transfer frequency: 5 kHz
Battery type: One AA sized battery (the maximum voltage allowed is 3.0 V)
Battery life: Average 10 hours of use (20 °C / 68 ºF)*
Operating temperature: -20 °C to 60 °C / -4 ºF to 140 ºF
Accuracy (Distance): /-2%
Accuracy (Speed): /-2km/h
Speed display range in 0-29,5 km/h or 0-18,3 mph
Running Computers:
Water resistance: 20 m
Armband material: Flexible textile strap: 34 % polyamide, 33 % polyester, 33 % rubber. Other parts: polyamide, silicone.

*Battery life varies depending on battery type and operating temperature.

Weight: 2.00 lb

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