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Looking for a cuddle friend

Gestern, 23:23
68723 Oftersheim

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Hello dear,

I'm looking for a cuddle partner, aged between 18 and 55 for a nice and pleasant time. I love to cuddle, I just love to snuggle and feel each other. Cuddling is not only pleasant, it also promotes general well-being and has a positive effect on the body and mind. I'm looking for a woman who knows how to cuddle and appreciates the positivity associated with it. If you, dear Lady, should also miss the closeness, tenderness and intimacy of a person, I can totally empathize with that and would be happy to feel good with you. 

Unfortunately, in the times of COVID / Corona, interpersonal skills have decreased. I am now being tested several times a week, and if we arrange a meeting, I will present the results. If you wish, I also have a selection of rapid tests for home use.

I am aware that these meetings demand a lot of trust (both from you and me), which is why it is important to me to get to know each other first and, of course, to find each other personable. Mutual respect and courtesy are very important to me! Everything is professional & serious, and only under your terms! Of course, no always means no! Both sides, all without obligations!

Due to the current situation with COVID / Corona, we are welcome to get to know each other via markt.de or by phone, video-call is also possible (fake check). If a real meeting is desired, to meet at a public place and hold a conversation, perhaps also with a short walk, of course this is no problem with distancing and a mask.

During the cuddle session, we can sit on the couch or lie on the bed, just enjoy the silence, watch a movie or listen to music. If you like, we can also talk to each other. When it comes to conversations, I am more a listener.

I am 34 years old, 167cm, normal body, average appearance, German, non-smoker and non-drinker. I am well-groomed, polite, friendly and respectful. I am a neat and clean person. If I meet new people, I am always reluctant and shy, but if we understand each other, it will fade away.

If there are any questions, please write a message. I answer every question, openly and honestly! Please be patient until I reply to your message as I am working. You will definitely get an answer. I would be happy to receive your message. (If you change your mind during our conversation, that is of course perfectly fine. Just let me know, it will save you and me time, thank you very much.)

You may know that there are professional cuddlers and cuddle groups. I find it much nicer and more private as a couple, and professionals and groups are unfortunately not financially possible for me! Not to speak of Covid.

Kind regards & stay healthy


Weitere Angaben

  • Aussehen
    • Alter34
    • FigurNormal
    • GeschlechtMännlich
    • HaarfarbeBrünett
    • AugenfarbeGrün
  • Mein FamilienstatusSingle
  • KinderNein, keine Kinder
  • RaucherNein


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