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Ayurveda body pain relief Oil massage 💆‍♀️

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Hello Respected Ladies, 

Good day 🙂

In today's hectic world , life is so fast running and in that race we forget to take care about the wellness our body. And which over a period of time leads to body pain and that too mostly lower back pain moving towards upper back (other common pain areas are like neck, feets, legs, hands, head) and i know its really painful and unpleasant experience. As in today's time, i strongly feel thay woman play a very important role in family by well balancing her personal and professional life.

Hence, in this fast paced world your body needs relaxing and good blood circulation for your overall health and mental well-being.

For me giving ayurveda body pain relief Oil massage is my PASSION and I love to do it from the bottom of my heart. Hence, earning money by giving massage is NOT my primary goal. My paramount objective is to see the massage recipient fully relaxed, happy and smiling after my massage and that is what makes me happy and is my end goal. As getting relieved from our body pain is the most important thing one would look out for.

So if in case you are in need of a ayurveda body pain relief and relaxing Oil massage than feel free to message me (htarpara at yahoo) and i would be more than happy to serve you, to the best of my skills and expertise at the location of your preference in Berlin OR at my private setting.

As a massage recipient, you are the best judge. So if you don't like my massage then you don't have to pay me 10€ for 60 mins, the massage is considered as totally FREE for you - its my promise and commitment, trust me 🙂

Have lovely day ahead, take care please 🙏

Looking forward to hearing from you soon 👍

Just FYI - I am fully vaccinated along with a booster shot as well.


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